Monday, 14 May 2012

Virtua Cop 2 Pc Game Full Version Free Download

Virtua Cop 2  is a rail shooter dealing with the topic of modern police operating in a giant metropolis called Virtua City. 
The Game can be controlled by the use of various peripherals like the light gun or PC mouse. The palyer does not manually control camera movement, but has to skilfully shoot the scripted enemies and avoid killing civilians. The player gets rewarded with extra points for disarming opponents by performing 'justice shots' or drowning them with a hail of bullets by performing '3 point shots'. Virtua Cop's sequel provides gamers with two modes - 'arcade' and proving ground. The first one allows players to choose from one of three available stages of various difficulty level in any order. The second one serves as a shooting ground with 3 fields to choose from. After each segment of the game the palyers can see their statistics which involve: score, the number of killed gangsters and civilians, total number of shots, the number of succesful shots and overall accuracy. Apart from killing villains the game features numerous destructable surrounding elements (you can even play drums!), which lower the overall accuracy, but are cool enough, that it is often hard to resist not to shoot 'just one more window'. There are also in-game upgrades that are hidden in these destructable elements. By shooting them the players can gain access to extra lives, magnums, rifles, automatics, shotguns, machine guns and more.


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